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COMPANY OVERVIEW               

Mong Reththy Group of Companies (MRG) was established by H.E. Dr. Mong Reththy in Phnom Penh capital city of the Kingdom of Cambodia on the first of January 1989 with the initially principal objective of making trade, business and investment in the commercial, constructional, transport, import and export, food chain, agricultural and agro-industrial sectors. During the past 19 years, MRG has become one of the leading pioneers in the agricultural and agro-industrial sector in Cambodia. MRG has a dedicated team of more than 3,000 office staffers, local employees and industrious workers serving at the MRG, MRT-TCC, MRICOP, OMP, MTSI, GSA, M's Pig ACMC Cambodia, etc. MRG formally registered at the Ministry of Commerce as a private company of 100% owned by H.E. Dr. Mong Reththy.