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In the wake of government polici
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(Joint Venture Company)
Share Proportion of Oknha Mong Reththy 25%
Business License: Inv. 439/97E BN.ntk, Dated December 05, 1997 Registered Capital: KHR 70,000,000,000.00 = USD 17,500, 000.00

Contact Information:
#152S, Preah Norodom Boulevard, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.
Tel: 855-23-211 065, Fax:855-23-216 496,
E-mail:, Website:

Main Business Lines:
- Palm Oil Plantation
- Palm Oil Business
- Agriculture, Agro-Industrial and Processing Mill
- Import & Export

Place of Project:
National Road 4, Sankgat Cheung Kor, Khan Prey Nop, Preah Sihanouk province, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Total Land Area: 11,000 Ha

Project Duration: 70 years

Chairman of Executive Committee: Oknha Mong Reththy
  The First Oil Palm in the Kingdom of Cambodia

In the wake of government policies on agro-industrialization, in the eyes of foreign investors and businessmen Cambodia is being seen as a country of great opportunities owing to its abundant fertile land, natural resources and competitive labor force. These three main factors will definitely enhance the production yields and therefore profits for the company. It is the first time in Cambodia's history that oil palm has been commercially cultivated by MRICOP wiht enermous incentives granted by the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Back in 1994, H.E. Dr. Oknha Mong Reththy initiated the project on 11,000 hectares of economic concession land in Prey Nop district, Preah Sihanouk province. Up to now, MRICOP has grown oil palm in the areas of 8,500 ha and has been determined with its plan to proceed and complete the area of 11,000 ha by the year of 2010. Oknha Mong Reththy firmly hope to the development in the agro-industrial domain and Cambodian economic growth through the sales of CPOs in the internal market.

MRICOP is the first company and the time ever that oil palm have been commercially planted in the Kingdom of Cambodia and the land is suitable for such crops. And it is also the first time Cambodian Oil Palm has marked in the world map of oil palm. Germinated Seeds have been imported from two well-known countries: Malaysia and Costa Rica with a great resistance of diseases and drought and the climate of the two countries follows similar patterns. The greatest year of all was 2002 when MRICOP finally put a C.P.O (Crude Palm Oil) mill on operation after 10-months of construction and installation. At present, MRICOP may harvest over 350 MT of FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunches) per day; but the CPO mill may process only over 250MT/day, produced over 40MT of CPO per day. The plan of increasing the production capacity is being under operation. The international price of CPO is over US$1,350 per MT. The total capital investment for MRICOP is around US$20 Million (up to 2008). MRICOP exports its own CPO products to Malaysia, Switzerland, Holland, India and France and etc.